Happy Dragon Music

Audio & Video Production

Invitation Only

Happy Dragon is a haven for those who have day jobs and a moderately normal existence but still need the joy of creativity in their lives.

Because the best dragon is a happy dragon.

Recording Studio

Our studio is comprised of a 30 by 20 foot tracking room, a large vocal and isolation booth and a main control room that combines state of the art digital technology with the best in analog signal chains.

Feel free to browse the pictures or geek out over the gear.



We have a number of recording and video projects on the books. Here's a little about the ones we're willing to talk about.



We invite you to enjoy our latest comedy web series, Talking Head Games.

Free Talent And Gig Database

The Happy Dragon Talent Database is a free musician's referral service, as well as a place for casting calls, auditions, talent discovery and crew resources for area film and video productions.

Musicians, bands, films, talent and crew are all local to keep it relevant for the greater Atlanta and North Georgia area.

We initially developed it for our own use but decided to offer it as a public service to the local artistic community. We hope it helps you pursue your dreams.