The Happy Dragon Talent Database is a referral service for musicians, bands, actors, directors, crew and other creative creatures.

We offer it as a free public service to the Atlanta and North Georgia artistic community.

How It Works

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A profile allows you to list your talents or projects so that others can find you. You don't need one to search, just to be found.

Creating a profile is free. There are no ads or costs of any kind. We do this to support the local community.

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If you need people for your band / film / project, this allows you to list the details of who you're looking for so that they can find you when they search.

This option is available after you login.

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When people are interested in your profile or project, they'll login and click the Send Message button.

To keep it simple, we send the message directly from their email address to yours so that you can continue the conversation directly without having to come back to the website each time.