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The Happy Dragon Talent Database is both a local musician's referral service and a place for casting calls, auditions, talent discovery and crew resources for Atlanta film and video productions.

We offer it as a free public service to the Atlanta and North Georgia artistic community.

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This Is A Completely Free Resource

We don't charge anyone for anything. We offer this purely as a public service to help local creative people with their projects.

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Start by creating a profile. This gives you the ability to post projects, which is how you find people for bands, videos, etc. It also lets you specify your skills as an actor, musician or crew to help you find gigs.

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If you're a band looking for musicians or a production looking for talent and crew, create a new project, adding a role for each type of person you need, such as types of musicians for a band, or individual characters / crew skills in a video production.


When people are interested in your profile or project, they'll click the Send Message button. We send it to you as an email, from their address, not ours. That way you can just hit reply and continue the email conversation from there, without having to use the site for every message.

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Creating a profile allows you to list your availability and post projects to find people.

This is a completely free service.

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Your profile allows you to specify all of your talents. This information is used by those who are looking for people with your skill set. You can edit it as often as you like and include a large selection of photos.

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You can post as many projects as you like. For each project, you can specify multiple roles that specify the skill sets you’re looking for.

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Do you see categories for talent or projects that we haven't included, or other details that you think would be useful?

Get in touch and let us know how we can improve the Happy Dragon Talent Database to better serve you.

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