Here are the projects we're currently working on, along with a description of what we're up to and who we're looking for.

Flashy, High Energy Classic Rock Show

Call for Drummer

I've spent a year in preproduction working on equipment, infrastructure, tech, design and testing (sound, lighting automation, MIDI show control, special effects, video, etc.) with a goal of putting on a polished rock spectacle on the tiny stages that still hire classic rock bands.

Think Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, Green Day, etc. High energy, positive, feel good rock.

We're now searching for the right drummer. I have the rehearsal space and all the show gear. You only need to show up with your drums.

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The Happy Dragon Talent Database

If you're looking for musicians, actors, crew or other such creative creatures in Atlanta, we know it's hard to find the right people. It's just as difficult to find the right band or film project.

The Happy Dragon Talent Database is a free local referral service for musicians, bands, actors, directors, crew and those of many other talents.

It began life as an internal resource for our projects. After the work was done, we decided to share it to help local creative people find each other.

We offer it as a free public service to the Atlanta and North Georgia artistic community.

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